Women and Girls in Scotland asks for your support in calling on the Scottish Government to commit to our following four demands regarding their proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA):

1) The government must clarify how holding a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) can impact on how the single sex exceptions in the Equality Act 2010 can be applied, in order to understand how changing the basis of acquiring a GRC can potentially impact application of the single sex exceptions/protections for women and girls in Scotland.

2) The government must clarify the need for female-only provision in Scotland, which must include open consultation with women, in order to understand the impact on women and girls of any loss of female-only provision (particularly vulnerable, minority and working class women and girls).

3) Only once the government has clarified points 1 and 2 can the impact of its GRA proposals on women and girls be properly assessed, at which stage a full Equality Impact Assessment must be carried out, and this must be made available to the public to allow for adequate scrutiny.

4) If the government finds that its GRA proposals can in any way function to weaken human rights and equality protections for women and girls in relation to privacy, dignity, safety and trauma, the government should not move forward with these proposals.

Some groups of people need specific provisions in order to uphold their human rights, welfare and equality: For women and girls this means they need male-free provision in a number of ways, and for trans people this means they should not have to use provision specifically set aside for their natal sex. Upholding human rights and equality in respect to single sex provision is not dependent on groups being able to share with or be considered alongside particular other groups; as such, there is no need to erode the rights and equality of women and girls in order to uphold the rights and equality of any other group.

You can help women and girls now by writing to/meeting with your local MSPs to ask if they will support our demands (find your local MSPs by visiting: You can also write to Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, the Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for GRA reform, at, to ask if she will commit to our demands. And if you would like any further information, we have published comprehensive work in relation to the loss of female-only provision in Scotland under the ‘Resources’ section of our website:”.